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e's Club Lexington Now Open!

Now serving members in Lexington, KY. Click below to connect with them.


About e's Club

e's Club provides a place for autistic teens and young adults to relax, be themselves, and make friends. Participating in our programs has a nominal fee, and scholarships are available if needed. Reach out today to schedule a drop-in with one of our staff members. 


e's Club is:

Open and Inviting

e's Club features an open and inviting space for members to hang out, make meaningful connections, and create lasting friendships.

Fun and Interactive

At e's Club, you can find many activities, including foosball,  ping-pong, video games, board games, and more, to help entertain and encourage interaction.


Teen Program

e’s Club Teen Program is a service of Erin’s Hope for Friends, providing a safe meeting space for teens ages 12 through 18. Our teen members chat, play games, participate in structured activities, view movies, and much more. Our teen members especially love our movie nights and craft nights. While participation is encouraged, it is not forced. Our members choose how they wish to spend their time at e’s Club. Our Teen Program meets on Friday and Saturday evenings.


Young Adult Program

e's Club Young Adult Program is designed for young adults ages 18 through 24. This highly social and engaging program is member-driven, allowing our young adults to shape the program's direction. Members enjoy outings, games, crafts, and much more. The Young Adult Program meets on Sunday evenings.


Virtual e's Club

Virtual e’s Club offers a range of activities for both our teens and young adults. Our members chat, play games, participate in structured activities, view movies, and much more. Virtual e’s Club is a bully-free zone offered to members in the comfort of their own homes. Through this social experience, we encourage and support our members in developing lasting friendships using technology.

More About e's Club

Making A Difference


Activities and Outings

Our calendar is posted in advance on our member database. We have an organized activity schedule for our teens and young adults so they can make the most out of e's Club! Planned around the specific interests of the group, social outings and field trips are scheduled for sports events, concerts, hiking, and more.
Our activity-based gatherings include karaoke, karate, art, movie night, game night, drama, improv, and so much more!

Membership and Fees

Interested in an e’s Club membership? Before joining, we would love to know more about you! Come to a virtual or in-person drop-in event to complete the intake process. At drop-in, you can tour the facility, fill out the intake forms, meet e’s club personnel, and complete the intake interview.
There is a nominal participation fee for members meeting in person. Currently, there is a nominal fee per evening to help cover operational costs. We do have scholarship applications available upon request.

Supervisory Staff

e’s Club has an experienced staff who are always on hand to provide oversight and encourage positive engagement. There are also volunteers who provide extra hands-on support and social encouragement. To learn more about our staff, click here.

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