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Who We Are

Erin’s Hope for Friends is on a mission to create lasting relationships through joyful interactions for autism spectrum teens and young adults. We help develop these relationships through our e’s Club program, a social program for teens and young adults on the spectrum designed to help them build and foster friendships. e’s Club has impacted more than 1500 individuals since we opened our doors in 2016 and continues to experience tremendous growth.

What We Do


e's Club

Erin’s Hope for Friends bridges the gap for socially challenged teens and young adults by providing a safe place for joyful interactions. e’s Club, a service of Erin’s Hope for Friends, is the only center of its kind, highly focused on facilitating positive social interactions and developing friendships for teens and young adults on the spectrum. Our members attend both our in-person locations and our virtual sessions to have fun and develop meaningful friendships in a safe and encouraging environment. Our teen and young adult programs are facilitated by qualified staff and supported by our volunteers.

Parent Testimonials

Videos and Podcasts

e's Club: Out of Tragedy Comes Hope

The Story of Our Founding

Learn how Darren and Stacy Horst have kept the memory of their daughter alive, and how they honor her with their founding of Erin's Hope For Friends.

An Army of Normal Folks Podcast

Erin Horst's Hope for Friends

Discover how Darren and Stacy Horst keep the memory of their daughter alive through the founding of Erin's Hope For Friends.

Robin Martin and Associates Testimonial

Watch this heartwarming testimonial about e's Club

The Fizzy Coupe for Erin's Hope for Friends

Check out this awesome virtual mixology session made exclusively for Erin's Hope For Friends

Harmonies For Hope

Click to watch the livestream of our virtual concert from this amazing fundraising event

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